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Mafia 2 Cops Mod/Collection

This is a collection of scripts/mods, plugins and trainers. This is meant to have all the basic tools needed for roleplay in Mafia 2, primarily the police, hence the name.   I am looking for more experienced script making people and people that want to help improve upon this! Support: https://discord.gg/gg7uk2D

Trainer Mod Menu

Moved to Nexus Mods Download here: https://www.nexusmods.com/mafia2/mods/114

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven – Trainer [1.2]

THIS SITE IS ASS AND NOT SECURE. Please use Nexusmods not this garbage site that doesn’t allow you to unpublish mods. Mafiamods got hacked multiple times and they didn’t tell people to change their passwords.

FaTeLz Mafia III Trainer FINAL!

I Just Wanna Say Thank You For All The Loving Support Tho I Could Not Import Every Idea Possible I Still Added Quite A Few So Below At The Bottom Is A Long Paragraph Why Im Leaving The Mafia III Comunity For Now  

FaTeLz Mafia III Trainer

Yay Were On 1.3 Now I Just Wanna Thank Y’all For All The Amazing Ideas And Support… Much Love <3