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Falcon’s car speed boost script

*This script require mafiainjector to be used.* How to install? – Rename the script to “F1” – “F12” – Run mafiainjector – Press the [F1-F12] key you named the file to run the script. Features: – By default add 50 to the cars current speed (Edit the speedBoost variable in the lua file to your own likings) . Known bugs – Holding the F1-F12 key set to run the script will crash the game.

Interacting with house (taking shower, using toilet, etc) in Joe’s flat (lua)

This simple lua script collection will let you perform animations like: using the toilet(pee), taking a shower, washing hands, sitting down Most of them only works in Joe’s flat (If you want to pee and wash hands anywhere just remove the line that contains “newvector” in f1.lua, f4.lua but the hand won’t fit the water […]

Mafia 2 Cops Mod/Collection

This is a collection of scripts/mods, plugins and trainers. This is meant to have all the basic tools needed for roleplay in Mafia 2, primarily the police, hence the name.   I am looking for more experienced script making people and people that want to help improve upon this! Support: https://discord.gg/gg7uk2D


Original mod name “Boost” by dirtydanisreal.  I was just creative I edited the file and made another mod. Thank you for the code.   This mod requires Scripthook Description: -This mod automatically stops you current car. -Ideal for closed corners in races! -Original mod is from dirtydanisreal thank u for the code. Link => mafiamods.com/mods/boost   […]

Slim Jim (Car Break In Tool, Not The Snack)

Unlocks the Slim Jim which lets you get into stolen cars quietly


Boosts car speed….Wubba Lubba Dub Dub  

Mafia III Script – spawn to unreachable locations

Here is a simple script I’ve made, to spawn directly to some otherwise unreachable locations. You can spawn to these places, using these keys: Y: spawn on a road near the Casino U: an Airport Tower (beware most of the surrounding is not really solid!) I: an Island (most of the surrounding is not solid! But the road […]

Toggle Hud

KNGToggleHUD.lua   Prerequisite: Mafia 3 ScriptHook: https://mafiamods.com/mods/mafia-3-scripthook/ Installation: download and extract archive copy KNGToggleHUD.lua from extracted archive to \YourMafia3\Directory\scripts\ Start Mafia 3 + Mafia 3 ScriptHookLauncher Press F1 to load Script Press K to toggle HUD ON/OFF Uninstallation: delete KNGToggleHUD.lua in \YourMafia3\Directory\scripts\ done   Configuration: open \YourMafia3\Directory\scripts\KNGToggleHUD.lua line 36,37 set your keybinding to toggle hud on […]

Money Script