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The Downtown Mafia – Reshade

The go-to Reshade Preset!┬áRemoves the awful blur effect, adjusts the colours to make it more realistic, and further increases the quality of the overworld. Go to downtown to see the best changes~ Screenshot comparisons in the link, plus the download. Here’s a few:

[PC] [ReShade Preset] – CLARITY – for Mafia III by BaSe

Effects: Clarity Curves Deband (subtle) FXAA HighPassSharp Levels LumaSharpen Tonemap Vibrance What does it do? Removes the yellowish, brown tint and the absurd amount of blur. What do I get? A “clean”, much sharper and smoother looking game. No need for fancy cinema effects or oversaturated colors…it’s New Bordeaux not Hollywood. Performance hit? ~ 10 […]

[Reshade] Vintage Cinemascreen Monochrome

  This preset attempts to turn the game’s visuals into an oldschool monochrome cinematic experience. Ever wanted to play Mafia III as if it were an old black & white movie? Here you have a chance to play the game in gorgeous vintage, contrasty and highly dynamic monochrome. Info and installation:┬áHERE This preset is optimised […]

Colour Correction / Blur Removal

RECOMMENDED RESHADE OF MAFIA 3 REDDIT 4.1 Before and after screen shots – http://imgur.com/a/Awpoq The reshade and all updates can be found here, along with installation instructions – https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/6205/ To get your steam overlay working you have to rename d3d11.dll to dxgi.dll please note this will crash your game if you have any backround injectors […]