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You have only one mission – Kill president.

1999 GAZ 3110 Volga

1999 GAZ-3110 “Volga” for the game Mafia 2 Advantages of modification: – Correct seat position – Correct collision – High-quality interior Replacement: Lassiter 69 (Also works in winter) Publishing on other sites is prohibited. I do not allow to┬ábe published on other sites.

Mafia 2: Toolkit

**NOTE** I rarely update this on mafiamods.com, please download over at https://www.nexusmods.com/mafia2/mods/132 if the download link is down! Introduction: This program contains a number of tools with the aim of achieving new types of mods by reverse engineering the lesser known file formats, and improving the overall mod support.Features: All features of the toolkit are […]

FaTeLz Mafia III Trainer FINAL!

I Just Wanna Say Thank You For All The Loving Support Tho I Could Not Import Every Idea Possible I Still Added Quite A Few So Below At The Bottom Is A Long Paragraph Why Im Leaving The Mafia III Comunity For Now  

FaTeLz Mafia III Trainer

Yay Were On 1.3 Now I Just Wanna Thank Y’all For All The Amazing Ideas And Support… Much Love <3