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Brown Jacket Mod

A simple brown jacket mod (Blue Genius outfit required -Faster Baby DLC) Brown retextured jacket and white t-shirt. Enjoy!

Shenmue Brown Jacket Mod

A shenmue inspired outfit mod for Mafia 3 (Blue Genius outfit required -Faster Baby DLC) I recolored the jacket brown with Ren art on the back and Ryo art on the front. Enjoy!

It’s War Time! Realistic Damage + Difficulty mod

It’s War Time is a mod that aims to turn Mafia 3 into a more realistic and fast paced shooter by increasing the damage you deal to enemies encouraging you to be on the move and leave cover more often. I recommend you play on Hard Mode! No more throwaway weapons that become useless as […]

Black Default Coat Mod

A simple black coat with undershirt. I think it makes Clay look a bit more menacing. My first texture mod creation or alteration of any kind here so let me know how it works! ———————————————————————————————————————————————- I piggybacked off of alexnoncreeper’s “Punisher Default outfit” mod found here: LINK. A lot of people are complaining about his […]