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Simply No Screenblood

Simple mod that I made for my own personal preference, and decided to share in case other’s find it useful. The title says it all, this mod simply removes the screen-blood effect when you get shot, only leaving the small red damage indicator. I found the screen-blood obnoxious and cumbersome, as well as unnecessary as it acted […]

Minimal Hud

KNGToggleMinimalHUD.lua Description: removes some hud elements like: speedometer, radar, areainfo, actionbuttoninfo, rear view mirror etc. keeps distance indicator to quest target, gps arrow things etc. look at the screenshots to compare   Prerequisite: Mafia 3 ScriptHook: https://mafiamods.com/mods/mafia-3-scripthook/ Installation: download and extract archive copy KNGToggleMinimalHUD.lua from extracted archive to \YourMafia3Directory\scripts\ Start Mafia 3 + Mafia 3 […]