Wartburg 353 W

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    Wartburg 353W

    This mod replaces Quicksilver Windsor

    This package also includes two versions: One with Fog Lights One without Fog Lights

    You can find me on Discord under tag #3974 If you have any ideas for improvements, you can share them with me

    Mafia II Toolkit community Discord where you can conversate about Mafia II: https://discordapp.com/invite/SSQB97U

    The convert was made with: Zmodeler, the 3d modelling software - https://www.zmodeler3.com/ Toolkit, the universal Mafia II Tool - https://github.com/Greavesy1899/Mafia2Toolkit/releases/tag/v1.1807122018

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    Installation: Installation is very simple - go to your game's directory, put given files to game files directory, merge all folders and click Yes when it asks you. Then go to edit/materials and run MafiaIIMaterialsMerger.exe

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