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    So, I decided to update the roll down windows script for Mafia 3. Turns out, they were the same functions! Minus some simplification of the exact function itself! :)

    This features both "Auto" versions and "Full Control" version.

    Auto Feature: When in a car, press F1 to reload scripts and automatically roll down the driver window. :)

    Keys: CAN BE REMAPPED! Open "Open Window.lua" in Notepad and edit the keys from there! :)

    Full Control Features: The keys listed are the numbers above your QWERTY keys. ? 1 - Open driver window. 2 - Open passenger window 5 - Open Left backseat window 6 - Open Right backseta window 7 - Close driver window 8 - Close passenger window 9 - Close left back window 0 - Close right back window

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Place the Open Window.lua inside the "scripts" folder in your Mafia 3 directory. Default folder for steam is: C:Program FilesSteamSteamappsCommonMafia IIIscripts

  • event_note Changelog

    Known Issues: For some reason there is no animation when closing windows.  They do not roll up on the cars I have tried.

    *Some vehicles(?) The rear windows do not animate. Not sure if developer oversight or just not scripted. Currently looking into.

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