Reaper’s misc. difficulty tweaks

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    I recommend using this with my no enemy blips mod.

    Some minor difficulty tweaks such as:

    Player takes 2x damage on hard.

    All services cost money now (money launder chick costs 500 bucks to come over, gun vendor taxes you 100$ for wasting his time even if you dont buy anything, etc)

    Rebalanced store robbery rewards (now it's worth it to bust a pawn shop early on ingame since you might get like 2 grand if you're lucky)

    Rebalanced weapon upgrades (tier 3 of pistol spread/accuracy would reduce the spread to 50%... this made the game really boring later on. With this mod, at full upgrade you're getting 70% spread)

    DLC Weapons cost money (sadly doesn't seem to work properly... I think it might work on new game, if someone could test that I'd be grateful)

    WORK IN PROGRESS not included yet:

    -rebalancing AI tactics to make them alot more aggressive and swarm you more, making them more accurate

    -rebalancing each hideout boss to make them at least have unique weapons, currently they all have copy-paste stats with sniper rifles

    -possibly rebalancing the district rewards to simulate some actual economy tactics regarding sparing the informants etc, currently its pointless to spare them - you get like 33k income instead of 30k and either way you'll probably do delivery missions to raise it to 50k. I was thinking of making it like 45k if you spare everyone so its a compromise if you want decent profit but cant be bothered with delivery missions)

    -trying to remove health regen... I am able to make it so once you have the health upgrade from cassandra it stops regenerating, so I need to find a way to make it you have that upgrade from game start.

    -rebalancing stealth values so enemies aren't blind as bats


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    Make backup of original file, drop it in main mafia 3 dir and replace.

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