Prison Bus (Police Bus)

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    • The Prison bus is seen transporting Vito to prison in Chapter 6 and again briefly in the opening of Chapter 7 as it drops him off at the bus station. This mod let's you drive it.


    • Scroll down to the "Installation" section to learn how to install this mod.
  • speaker_notes Installation


    • This mod requires the DLC Folder Patch
    • You can install this mod by replacing Shurbert Beverly OR you can install as DLC without replacing any cars.
    • Installing this as a DLC is recommended if you have the dlc "Friends for Life"

    Installation 1:

    1. Drag the file called "shubert_beverly" found in the mod's .zip file to "C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Mafia II/pc/sds/cars
      • If you're running a non-Steam version, drag it to your "/Mafia II/pc/sds/cars" folder, wherever it may be.
    2. Windows will tell you that "This destination already contains a folder named "shubert_beverly"
    3. Click "Yes" when prompted to merge the new folder with the existing one.
    4. Click "Yes" each time a new folder must be merged.
    5. Click "Copy and Replace" repeatedly to replace the existing file(s) with the modded one(s).
      • Alternatively, you can stop before you replace the file/files and create a backup of it/them.
    6. Enjoy ?

    Installation 2:

    1. Place the folder called "cnt_prison_bus" found in the mod's .zip file to "C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Mafia II/pc/dlcs
      • If you're running a non-Steam version, drag it to your "/Mafia II/pc/dlcs" folder, wherever it may be)
    2. In the "Friends for Life" dlc, go to the garage to retrieve the Prison Bus, then wait for the car toggle to appear. Press "favorite car" to fix the Prison Bus tires.
    3. Enjoy ?


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