Mafia III Script – spawn to unreachable locations

  • description Description

    Here is a simple script I've made, to spawn directly to some otherwise unreachable locations.

    You can spawn to these places, using these keys:

    • Y: spawn on a road near the Casino
    • U: an Airport Tower (beware most of the surrounding is not really solid!)
    • I: an Island (most of the surrounding is not solid! But the road itself is, until you go to far.)
    • O: Plane 01 (the ground is not solid at all!)
    • P: Plane 02 (the ground is not solid at all!)

    It's a WIP, there is not a lot of places for now, but I might add some news ones! Feel free to edit the script and change the key binding.

    Note: godmode is activated by default! Note 2: that's my first script ever, I guess it might be optimized a lot. Note 3: sorry for my english, not my birth tongue, blah blah blah.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    You'll need the Mafia III Script Hook made by Barzakh Once installed, simply drop the "SpawnLocations.lua" into the "scripts" folder!

  • event_note Changelog

    0.2: added auto godmode, because I was tired to die while falling from too high.

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