Mafia III – 100% Game Save / Chapter Saves

  • description Description

    Full Game Save / Chapter Saves

    This file contains all the savegame data including chapters from each district. The end result save will be all three districts distributed to each underboss corresponding to their interests.


    • Season Pass
    • Stones Unturned
    • Faster Baby
    • Sign of the Times

    The final save contains

    • 100% Collectables
    • 100% Story Missions
    • 100% Side Missions
    • 100% Race Missions
    • 100% Earnings

    If you wish to make your own future with these saves, load up a past savegame. Chapter 1 focuses on starting fresh. In addition, all underbosses start with $100,000 Rackets on the origin point, this way all 3 underbosses can be maxed out, this is the only cheated value.


    DLC is not completed, and available for user consumption!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Place in the following directory:

    • C:Users<Account>AppDataLocal2K GamesMafia IIIData<ID>gamesavesdefault
  • event_note Changelog


    • Complete Saves / Chapter Saves
    • Full Collectables
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