Mafia Data Xtractor (Modding Tool)

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    • This is a little tool that allows you to extract all the files from the Mafia *.dta files.
    • This tool even patches the Mafia game to read the data files you extracted (and perhaps modified afterwards). This makes Mafia-Modding possible!!
    • This includes all the music (In .ogg format. Get a new WinAmp to play them!), the sounds, the textures, the models, etc.
    • Rip textures and sounds (listen to the FABULOUS music without playing the game).
    • Modify the game! Possibilities go from simple cheating over texture/music modifications and unlocking hidden features to creating custom missions.
    • Look at the "readme" for more information.


    • Scroll down to the "Installation" section to learn how to install this mod.
  • speaker_notesInstallation


    1. Unzip the folder
    2. Click on "MafiaDataXTractor" and say OK when it asks you about patching Mafia. Then choose one or more data files you want to decrypt. Press EXTRACT and there you GO! Repeat as often you want :)

    NOTE: The files will always be extracted into your Mafia directory as Mafia will try to read them from there. But don't fear, they will all be in directories like: sounds, mission... So you wont end up with a directory with one godzillion unsorted files.

    NOTE: Mafia is HUGE so if you choose to extract all files, have in mind that it will take some time and consume A LOT of disk space (~2.9 GB).

    NOTE: Although the extracted data files will be written to disk and are read from there by the game, it is NOT possible to delete the *.dta files as Mafia checks for their presence. One could patch this, though.

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