Mafia 2 Vito’s jacket with skull and gloves

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    Vito's jacket with skull and gloves **************************************** Skin was made by: vojta0808 ****************************************

    WARNING!!! Before using this skin, make please backup of your files: vitpra.sds (your Mafia 2 directory/pc/sds/player) vitpra_coat.sds (your Mafia 2 directory/pc/sds/wardrobe) WARNING!!!

    **IMPORTANT** You can make videos from this skin. Reupload on mods sites is prohibited (I am only one who can upload this mod!)Also if you mention this skin somewhere, please mention the author (vojta0808) or link to official download place!

    **All copyrights reserved by: vojta0808**

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Open "Files" folder and open Mafia 2 directory and put vitpra.sds in "pc/sds/player" and merge this file. 2) When you have opened "Files" folder and Mafia 2 directory then put vitpra_coat.sds in "pc/sds/wardrobe" and merge this file. 3) Enjoy your new jacket!

  • event_noteChangelog

    Version 0.1 - New grey leather jacket and black leather gloves for Vito

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  • UpdatedJun 29, 2020
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