Mafia-2 Badyorko mode ver.14.1

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    download links (update 2019 Feb. 16):

    Badyorko_mode_v14.1 (566Mb)

    ABOUT MOD(45Kb)                       

    ОПИСАНИЕ МОДА (45Kb)        





    If your INTERNET SPEED IS SLOW, or you have the Vito's main story line only (without dlcs), mod can be downloaded by parts (566Mb=132+218+32+42+53+22+31)

    1) - Badyorko_mode_main_part_without_dlsc.rar - 132Mb

    The main part with modding of Vito's main story line, but without modding of: Betrayal of Jimmy, Jimmys Vendetta and Joes Adventures.

    If you don't have dlcs - Betrayal of Jimmy, Jimmy's Vendetta and Joe's Adventures - you miss step 2) and 3)

    2) - download_if_you_have_ BoJ_ JV_JA.rar - 218Mb - modding of: Betrayal of Jimmy, Jimmy's Vendetta and Joe's Adventures.

    3) - Jimmys_Vendetta_SUMMER.rar - 32Mb - separate mini-mod for changing of winter to summer in Jimmy's Vendetta.

    4) - sell_cars_to_Derec.rar - 42Mb Sale of cars in the port at 2-13ch. instead 9-13ch. After install, you will need to replay the Vito's story since 2ch.

    5) Main_menu_animation.rar - 53Mb

    6) dubbing.rar - 22Mb Granny's re-dubbing.

    7) paintbal_gun.rar - 31Mb It will turn on the blots of paintball gun.

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