Mafia-2 Badyorko mode ver.12.1

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    This is more better any description  -

    (!) Google disk can not scan for viruses, files larger than 200MB. If you are embarrassed by this, please, use mirror link:  This resource already has more than 10.000 downloads of "Mafia-2 badyorko mode"
    (!) if you downloaded mod earlier than April 30, please, download and install this file fix -  (~1Mb). It make new game save-point near Giuseppe`s house at Betrayal of Jimmy, Jimmy`s Vendetta, Joe`s Adventures. If you don't have any dlcs, no need to download it.
    If the fix does not work and near Giuseppe`s house not appear rotating icon of game saves, please, start new game at JA, BoJ, JV.
    CATEGORALLY, don't start Joe`s Advenchures, Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy`s Vendetta until you reach this point at 7th chapter - Vito show the door to realtor after viewing the apartment. If you started Joe's Adventure, don't quit the game until you start the 2nd quest in the summer time "Going out of Business" - cars destruction in Millville.  I'm not sure, but it's probably best not to visit Giuseppe in the 1st winter quest of Joe`s Advenchures. I didn't have enough time to test it. If you break these rules, then in the Joe`s Advenchures, Betrayal of Jimmy, Jimmy`s Vendetta or in the main story line, you can get problem with black asphalt / grass / snow !!!

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  • UpdatedMay 14, 2017
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