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    if you downloaded mod before February 5, please install new update. Read the readme.txt again. Fixed some errors. Please accept my apologies.

    update ver.10.1, ver.10.2, ver.11.1, ver.11.2 to ver.11.3 -


    =============================== What's new at ver.11.3 ===============================

    . 1. In addition to the static (ver 10.1) sniper scope on a black background of monitor ("Beretta_MAB_40 x6 zoom") added dynamic(!) sniper scope for "Beretta_MAB_41 x6 zoom + Light" and "Beretta_MAB_39, x6 zoom". During the shooting, it mesmerizing tossing of reticle lines. Picture this "animation" is different at normal shooting, and shooting with RMB.

    If your monitor is not 1080x1920dpi, I expect, the MAB_39 and MAB_41 scope can be deformed. I advise first of all start joes_adventures, and go to the "McClusky and Sons" gun shop, grab a weapon from seller, and check the scope. If scope is broken, deformed, etc., see below the video comment FAQ"sniper scope problem" It will contain actual links to fixing the problem. You can also describe to me your problems.

    2. New reticle lines for all other (non-sniper) weapons. lines is pass through the full screen, and divides it by 4 parts, thereby aiming to take part peripheral vision. Each type of weapon, have recognizable animation options of reticle lines, when shooting. A unique reticle line for canister.

    3.  New design of MAB_40 sniper scope + radial shading for giving realism to optics. At cnt_jimmys_vendetta and cnt_joes_adventures, designs of MAB_40 scope is differ from Vito's story. At  cnt_betrayal_of_jimmy for convenience and diversity,  black screen of MAB_40 sniper scope is semitransparent.

    4. Instead of an improved 1911 to grab from gun shop seller, - Beretta_MAB_39, 6x zoom. If you have already installed Badyorko_mode_v10.1, MAB_39 will have incorrect position in hands. It is "prescribed" in game saves. To fix, try to start a new game in a new slot. If it is not help - you can ignore the problem. Either cut game saves and start a new game.

    5. Giuseppe's Shop:

    . a) ammo for MAB_39: when you buy at Giuseppe's shop one Molotov, will happens adding of 180 pcs. ammo for Beretta_MAB_39. If you have zero Molotov, ammo adding  will happen after buying of 2nd Molotov.

    b) Another way to add MAB_40 ammo - as a bonus with the purchase of 1911 special. Please note, that when you buy ammo for special 1911 - ammo for MAB 40 are not added.

    c) Kit of grenades: (Stielhandgranate 24 + Mk.II). Buying of grenades is as follows: 1st + zero (nothing); 2nd+1st; 3rd+2nd; 4th+3rd; 5th+4th; 6th+5th, where before a plus is Stielhandgranate 24, and after plus  - the MkII.

    6. Completely restored the functionality of all widgets.

    7. Now you not need to backup "harry.sds" before beginning the "Surprise" mission (icon on the wharf) Joe Advenchers. And you not need to backup "tables.sds" before beginning the "In the Shadow", Joe Advenchers.

    8. When loading several problem dlcs quests, you will see hints about the need to do backup game saves. When you will see a huge exclamation point in a yellow triangle, please stop and follow the instructions.

    What remained of the previous mode versions:

    15 original game weapons + 9 new weapons:

    1. GUISEPPE'S WEAPONS  - along table from right to left: (weapons available: Ch. 2-15 + all dlcs)

    1.1) Colt 1911 Special(original game model) + bonus 2 grenade MKII.

    _ 1.2) Beretta_MAB_40, x6 zoom, with a new sniper scope on a black background of monitor.

    _ 1.3) Large circle defeat german grenade. Limiting of purchases, already is ok at ver.10.1

    _ 1.4) Hybrid of MP40 gun now instead magnum on the Giuseppe table.

    _ 1.5) A paint-ball gun. It shoot with red paint, leaving a blots on surface.

    _ 1.6) Extra powerful pump-action shotgun.

    _ 1.7) Fire Bomb Canister - handy for of mass defeat.

    _ 1.8) A Molotov cocktail - suitable for spot defeat.


    _ 2. HARRY'S WEAPONS (new only):


    Instead grenade MKII now is Beretta_MAB_41 x6 zoom with sniper scope and powerful illumination  of target.




    Redneck-flamethrower. Functionality matches the name. Weapons for fun, and viewing the city from ten-meter height.


    _ 4. WEAPONS AT "McClusky and Sons" gun shops.(new only):

    _ 4.1) Colt 1911 Special "+" (strong).  (!)  ver.11.1 instead Colt, - MAB_39 with sniper scope

    _ 4.2) Vest-pocket torch that shines through the whole city.

    _ Colt and torch can't be purchased, they should be grabbed from seller. Please watch the video from a certain time, how to do it: -


    5. New, enhanced animation of victim falling, in lesions by a bullet of Beretta MAB 40 It is accompanied by a theatrical throw back the legs and so on ))).

    6. Light amlification of car headlamps. Temperature of light is shifted toward the "cold blue".

    7. 15 cars from dlcs, will appear at betrayal_of_jimmy and jimmys_vendetta (ver.9.1 - it was at Vito's story only)   in addition to the original car range:

    _ -4 hot rod

    _ -2 jeeps

    _ -Chaffeque

    _ -Cossak

    _ -Delizia_grandeamerica

    _ -Elysium

    _ -ISW_508

    _ -Roller

    _ -Jefferson_futura

    _ -Forklift (frisky and without pallets)

    _ -German armored vehicle (frisky)


    8. New pinups. The way: Main menu->Extras->Artworks->Pinups.


    9.  360 colors of car paint in the Body Shop (main story line + all dlcs). At winter chapters 2-5 added whole line of Body Shop car service,  previously available only at summer.

    _ 10.  Selling of any(!) car in the port, is active in chapters 2-14 (previously been in 8-12 ch.)

    _ 11.  At summer added second police car Shubert Armored. Vehicle with police logo. The behavior of cops, the radar, and police radio air is the same. Does not have a siren.

    _ 12.  Riding by taxi as a passenger, around the ring of bus stops (is possible with friends). Get in the car on the opposite side of the driver.

    _ 13. At the Harry shop, from 5th to 8th chapter - is expanded range of weapons, and from 9th up 15 chapter - maximum  alternative of weapons.

    _ 14. At "McClusky and Sons" gun shops, - weapons also appears in the earlier chapters.

    _ 15. (hands without weapons)+RMB = x12 zoom screen."Left Shift"= restore visibility.

    _ 16. Remington shotgun - big flame emission at a shot.

    _ 17. the new difficulty of game - to kill the enemy need more shots (main story line + all dlcs).

    _ 18. most pedestrians have several kinds of colored clothing (main story line + all dlcs)

    _ 19. many new color combinations of all clothing Vito (main story line)

    - 20. any of the cars can be sold to Derek(main story+dlcs).

    _ 21. game fun & voice-dubbing

    _ 22. grannies voice-dubbing

    _ 23. highspeed cars (up to 340kmh): Milk_Truck, Shubert_Hearse(winter), Chaffeque, Jeep military, Jeep_civil.

    _ 24. jumping ability of police car, makes the chase more fun (main story)

    _ and for the absolutely crazy gamers:

    _ 25. Flying on a fuel tank truck: possible only with health-cheat. Fuel tank jumping:you need go to cabin,   and immediately get out - cheats are not necessary. Use fuel truck with a kangaroo logo.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Readme.txt files are different for different countries! You have no any chance to install mod, and play without games crashes, if you won't read it! - please,  add notes to mod video.

    Maybe, with time, below video will be links to files of adapting to most regional languages.

    You can contribute to this, if you read "read_me_other_countries".

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