Interacting with house (taking shower, using toilet, etc) in Joe’s flat (lua)

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    This simple lua script collection will let you perform animations like: using the toilet(pee), taking a shower, washing hands, sitting down

    Most of them only works in Joe's flat (If you want to pee and wash hands anywhere just remove the line that contains "newvector" in f1.lua, f4.lua but the hand won't fit the water and pee would fall outside toilet)

    Soon I will upload these lua scripts but for other apartments


    F1: Use toilet

    F2: Take shower

    F3: Return to default walk style after taking shower

    F4: Wash hands

    F5: Sit down

    Here's a video showcase

    Note: I know you can already do that in many free rides but this one is done for story mode. I asked many modders to make these animation usable in storymode but no one of them responded so I had to do it myself. After hours of browsing in forums and messing with game files, I finally figured out how to make lua scripts for this game. This is probably my first ever mod I have done. Hope you enjoy and keep in mind that I am still a newbie so you may find many bugs.

    I am also still finding ways to use E key without the need of injector like in ffl free ride. I hope any expert modder can help me or tell me how can I do it. Sorry for terrible English

  • speaker_notes Installation

    1- Copy all files to Mafia II/pc

    Backup "basic_anim.sds" if you want

    2- Launch the game and load into story mode or any free ride

    3- After loading press alt+tab

    4- Run injector.exe as administrator then return back to the game and press buttons (F1-F5) to perform animations

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