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    If your "Friends for Life" is 686 MB it is the old version! The NEW version is 1.17 GB. 

    The Legendary "Friends For Life" DLC by @zahar999. A must have mod for Mafia II. Scroll down below for updated info!



    • Free play (summer 50 / Winter 40's)
    • 11 bodyguards (Joe Henry, Eddie, Tony Marty, Steve, Corporal Williams, Derek, Mark, Jimmy)
    • 6 houses in all the houses can sleep (except for mother's house)
    • Guns MG42, melee weapon (police baton, a baseball bat, a knife)
    • Doors in the homes open. And garages, repair trucks, and car washes are all open

    Options Menu:

    • Change skin
    • Police On / Off
    • Invincibility On / Off
    • settings - change the weather ® icon
    • 63 weather options (for summer) 23 weather options (for winter)

    Animation menu:

    • "Take things" - 4 variants (case / bag / case / umbrella)
    • "Change" - 5 options gait
    • "Cancel" - to return to the standard
    • "Sit down" - 2 options
    • "Wash" - sweep the floor
    • "Dig" - 2 option (in the summer of coal / snow in winter)
    • "A" - send mail to
    • "B" - 2 variants (summer fishing / winter fall, sneezing)
    • "C" - write in the notebook scraper /Phone

    Menu for cars:

    • first person camera in car
    • the ability to change wheels and a camera
    • favorite car - repair, cleaning, refueling, do not burn, explode, etc. etc.
    • the maximum speed: 1 =150 mph, 2 =300 mph, 3 =500 mph


    • Additional radio station "President" can create your own playlist files should be in .fsb format, copy to the folder ... radio (song1 - song10)


    • Yacht Club, Supermarket, Typography, Brothel (old / new), M Hotel, Metro Jail house,Vinci house, Galante, Observatory, Bureau, Bruno, Misery Lane, Distillery, Maria Agnello hotel "Coat of Arms of the Empire", apartment on River Street, Auto Dealer, Seafood Foundry, Slaughterhouse, West Side Mall, price office, construction site, the Cabinet Derek Port, Charlie's auto Service (arrivals from South Millville), Chinese restaurant, Sicily

    This mod has been updated 8/21/17. Below are all the new changes to the mod:

    New/Updated Locations:

    -Apartment in Hunters Point

    -Bruno Office (he'll give you $10,000)


    -Galante mansion

    -(Eric's Flat) Apartment on River Street

    -(OPA) Office of Price Administration




    -(Chinese restaurant) The Red Dragon


    New features:

    -Police On / Off

    -Free Ride (bodyguards in cars will follow you)

    -Test Scene

    -Buy a can of gasoline

    -On foot Wardrobe & On foot Garage

    -(Diamond Motors) Car Dealership

    -Bruski's Scrap & Salvage

    -Woman Simulator, select a female skin first (shower, sleep, change outfits via wardrobe, make phone calls)



    • Scroll down to the "Installation" section to learn how to install this mod.
    • Your old "Friends for Life" save will not carry/work with the new "Friends for Life".


  • speaker_notes Installation


    1. Drag the folder called "cnt_friends_for_life" found in the mod's .zip file to "C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Mafia II/pc/dlcs".
      • (If you're running a non-Steam version, drag it to your "/Mafia II/pc/dlcs folder, wherever it may be)
    2. Add the dlc "cnt_friends_for_life" to the dlcs folder
    3. Those who have a pirated/torrented version of the game can skip this step. If you have a legit version (not pirated) install "update5" by copying the mod's "pc" folder & paste into your Mafia II  game folder, agree to merge folders & to replace files. If after installing you can't start your game, go to "Mafia II/pc/Mafia2.exe" (click the red icon) create a new launch shortcut for this application (the old one is not valid, so delete old desktop shortcut)
    4. Copy the mod's "sdsconfig.bin" file & paste to "Mafia II/edit"
    5. Copy the mod's "tables.sds" file & paste to "Mafia II/pc/sds/tables"
    6. Enjoy ?
    • If the game crashes after replacing "sdsconfig.bin" go to the "Use THIS if game crashes" folder and add the new ""sdsconfig.bin" file.


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