Empire Bay Mod 1.3.1 update + English in-game GUI patch

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    A small 70mb update patch by Nemesis7675 for The Empire Bay Mod by Nemesis7675

    Included in a separate archive is an in-game English gui patch by m.



    Race locations in Empire bay mod: I had a small jpeg pic in my Empire mod folder, I think it's for the Empire mod ,so i've included it in the archive,could be wrong ? but might be useful.

    I left some text files with the archive ,they are translated from various Russian sites and might be helpful.


    Parts of the mod have Russian voices probably added by Nemesis ,would be nice to have English audio but Nemesis said he stopped working on this after the v1.3.1 patch.

    Anyway i thought  it would be good to give it a more permanent home here at mafiamods.

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    This is just the update for the The Empire Bay Mod by Nemesis7675 .

    You have to install the main mod first then copy the files from this update patch into the corresponding folder.

    I'll try and upload the main mod when i get a chance as i don't think it's available here atmo.

    Installation can be problematic as all instructions have been in Russian .

    The basic original info for the main mod was to make sure you have update5 installed and to remove Joe's adventure dlc folder or mod won't work.

    The problem is the original instructions say to install the "update 5 full Russian" version.

    Info and link here:



    It's possible there might be conflicts between sds_ru and sds_en folders.

    I posted info on a now defunct site (mafiasceneDOTnet) :


    (user : drivermax)  (forum is still viewable)

    This is what i did to get the mod working before:

    I got the empire mod v1.3.1 working with English version.

    I made duplicate of two 'ru' folders.

    1: dlc_datarussian

    copy to: dlc_dataenglish

    2: cnt_empire_baysds_ru

    copy to: cnt_empire_baysds_en


    Not sure if that's the best way but it worked for me.


    Someone else said to try editing some text in the the 'content' file ,maybe changing names from ru to en or vice versa ,anyway the above

    info worked ok for me as far as i can remember ,it was a while ago when i tried it.


    There is some more install help on that old mafiasceneDOTnet  link above ,maybe some tips that might help.

    P.S..Don't forget! You have to remove 'cnt_joes_adventures' folder from dlc folder.

    Backup your game folder(or files) before making any changes ,you can then play around with the ru/en files and see if you can get it working.


    If you're trying this on the steam version ,maybe make a copy of the game and put it somewhere like c:games.


    I can't remember the missions or what you could actually do.

    I think you can use the phone in vito's house (the one that was set on fire) and maybe also go to the docks near where you sell cars that went on the big ship.

    Try near the right hand side when you first drive in the entrance to the yard.

    Some of the text files i included in the archive might help ,it has comments from various users on mafia forums ,some russian translated.

    It is partly or maybe mainly a free-ride mod with a few things you can mess about with via the gui as far as i can remember.

    I seem to remember calling up a a whole gang of companions who follow you around which can lead to some funny moments.

    Hopefully some users here at mafiamods might know more and leave some comments below.



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    general improvements to original mod

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