Elsa of Arendelle

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    Original model by Jam City Converted to Mafia by huckleberrypie

    "The cold never bothered me anyway." ~ Elsa

    What if the Snow Queen's a hardened mafioso? It's the age-old question no one ever asked, but I answered for no reason.

    This has got to be the second skinned character mod for the original Mafia, the first being Trevor Philips by Duelist which he did as a proof of concept for his 4DS scripts. Speaking of Duelist, this wouldn't be possible without him and his efforts at solving the eighteen-year old question of when are we going to see new characters for the game. I've also included source project files for those interested in studying the mod or make derivative works from it.

    CONTENT DISCLAIMER/FOR PARENTS: This mod is for mature players only and is made for parodic purposes which falls under Fair Use. Due to the graphic nature of this game, this is definitely not intended for small children or sensitive audiences. I am not responsible for any ruined childhoods that may ensue from this mod. Any so-called "kids videos" using this mod are not my work and I have absolutely nothing to do with them. Please guide your children about internet use accordingly and observe proper judgement online.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Copy the maps and models folders to where you installed Mafia, assuming you already extracted all of the assets using Mafia Data Xtractor. I've only included the Tommy, TommyHIGH and !TommyHIGH models, but you can rename them to the appropriate Tommy ped model if you want to play as Elsa in certain missions.

  • event_note Changelog


    • Re-rigged using Pudingus' 4DS tools
    • Fixed shoulder weights to make it more movie-accurate
    • Fixed missing hand props issue
    • Fixed transparency in cape
    • Added a few more Tommy character replacement models


    • Initial public release
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