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    Mafia III Resource Explorer

    visibility 2248 file_download 1048 personModded Games

    What is this? This tool allows you to replace any textures from Mafia III with any other textures Using this, you can make endless mods for clothing, hair, skin, audio, etc. ex: Change Mafia 3 title screen wallpaper to anything! ex: Change Lincoln's face or hair texture!

    June 26, 2018
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    Mafia3 Extended Configurator

    visibility 15575 file_download 2960 personSladernimo

    ************************************************* Mafia3 Extended Configurator V1.0 : Made By Slade ************************************************* - A .NET Tool for the game Mafia3 by 2K Games     ============ INFORMATION: ============   ------------ DESCRIPTION: ------------ This tool adds the ability to config/edit your scripts, plugins and game constants (game_constants.xml). You can also start Mafia3 together with ScriptHook using the launcher.   --------- GAMEPLAY: --------- HOW TO USE: Start Mafia3ExtendedConfigurator. Config the game. In Launcher Tab press "Start Mafia3 + ScriptHook". The launcher will start Mafia3…

    November 17, 2016
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    Mafia 3 ScriptHook

    visibility 55674 file_download 23036 personBarzakh

    Script Hook Lua and Library Scripthook for Mafia 3 allowing you to run your own code in Mafia 3. Simply create a lua script or use the ExampleDLL to create your plugin and start creating yor mod. The Library Scripthook features a hooking library to find pattern, patch function calls/jumps with your own, overwriting opcodes/functions etc. List of all available commands follows in the next few hours, meanwhile you can tryout Mafia2's scripting commands (which can be found here), as…

    October 12, 2016

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