Car Spawn MOD

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  • description Description

    This MOD enables spawning vehicle when on foot.

    UPDATE; v1.0 enables to spawn all vehicles


    -How to use

    1. Run Mafia3 game

    2. Press Alt+Tab to minimize the game

    3. Run M3ScriptHookLauncher

    4. Resume the game and press F1

    5. When you're on foot press following keys you want to spawn


    Numpad 0 to Numpad 9 keys ; set 1-digit number of Car-IDs

    0 to 9 keys ; set 2-digit number of Car-IDs


    You have to press keys in the order 1-digit and 2-digit.


    "Eckhart Taxi" Car-ID is "2". So press Numpad 2 and 0.

    "Samson Drifter" Car-ID is "53". So press Numpad 3 and 5.


    -You can see Car-IDs here


  • speaker_notes Installation

    1. Install latest Mafia3 ScriptHook

    2. Copy "scripts" and "sds_retail" folders to Mafia3 game folder.

    !! Don't forget to make backup "scripts.sds" before overwrite !!

  • event_note Changelog

    v1.0  Script reworked; enables to spawn all vehicles in the game

    v0.1  Test version

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