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    Bullet Time Mod V1.0 : Made By Slade

    - A lua script mod for the game Mafia3 by 2K Games



    • This mod adds the ability to use bullet time / slow motion effect in game by pressing "B" key.
    • HOW TO USE:
    • Press B to switch to 1/2 time speed.
    • Press B again to switch to 1/4 time speed.
    • Press B again and you are back to normal time speed.
    • VERSION:
    • This is version 1.0 initial release.
    • All of my mods are 100% compatible to each other.
    • In general the mods should be compatible to almost every other mod.
    • Obviously, if you are using a mod that injects or alters the game in the same way like one of my mods does, weird stuff can happen.
    • Also make sure bindkeys from other script mods are not blocking.
    • MBS stands for "Made By Slade". I am Slade, the author of this mod.
    • My primary alias is "Sladernimo". I'm a part of the Vega Game Projects community.
    • Vega-GP is a gaming and modding community. You can visit us at "www.vega-gp.de".
    • Vega Game Projects is a community for individual gamers and modders.
    • We customize our games and servers to refine the overall gaming expirience and play togehter.
    • We usually hang out on our Teamspeak Server.
    • If you are intreseted visit our website at www.vega-gp.de
    • or contact us:
    • TS³: vega-gp.de
    • Mail: [email protected]
    • Mafia Games / Mafia 3 are registered trademarks of 2K Games. This modification is not affiliated with or endorsed by 2K Games.
    • © 2016. 2K Games and its subsidiaries. All other marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.


  • speaker_notes Installation


    1. Install Mafia3ScriptHook if not already done.
    2. Copy mbs_BulletTime.lua into your scripts folder inside of your Mafia3 folder.
    3. Start Mafia3 & Mafia3ScriptHook. (You can refresh lua script mods by pressing F1.)
    4. Enjoy the mod & have fun!
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