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    At this point you should have installed Linux, and you’ve looked around at what you have. And then when you’re finished you’ll have to shut off your computer. Actually, there are computers that are never shut off. Imagine if your ISP shut off the computer every night! The Internet is a 24/7 business so that wouldn’t be practical. There are also people who probably just shut off their monitor. As you probably get some sleep occasionally, so we should maybe let our machine have a rest too once and a while. For this, we’ll use the shutdown command

    As anyone who’s used a computer knows, if you shut off you’re computer before you’ve finished saving work, or if there’s a power outage that shuts it off for you, data will be lost. At first, if you shut off Linux incorrectly or there was an inopportune thunder storm and you lost electrical power, you could do severe damage to your Linux file system. That will very rarely happen these days, but you should always use the shutdown command when you want to shut off your computer. Linux will tell you about it if you don’t – it will run a check on your hard disk automatically when you use it again. If you have a big hard disk, you might as well go and make yourself a sandwich because it’s going to take a while. Linux will also run a routine check every once and a while automatically. You also have our permission to fix yourself a sandwich in these cases too. Any Suggestions?

    Please help.

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