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    I was trying to get the Semi Truck Trailers to work with the game and hook up to the trucks correctly because the trailers would fall off the trucks. In the trucks files and the trailers there was a contact or connection point which makes me think there is some kind of lua script to connect them. I don’t know lua script. I have added them to the game and the pedestrians can drive them but when they get close to you in the game they loose control and slow to a stop. Looking inside the tanker or fuel truck you can see people inside. There is a video somewhere at my youtube channel cannabean5. It’s funny to see the trailer go down the road but no truck connected to it.


    Yep, the hinged lorry in the game files. Some of the Russian modders over at have tried to mod it back in but had the same problems you ran into. I’m guessing the reason the trailer stops when you get closer is because the multi-staged physics system only loads the vehicle’s handling parameters when you get close enough to physically interact with it. As for modding it back in with Lua, I seriously doubt it’s possible without reverse-engineering or stumbling on the correct string as it’s a completely unique vehicle attribute.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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