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    There should be the following added in to a free ride or friends for life mod. I feel like if enough good modders got together all of these could be possible, and this would be one of the best mods created for this game hands down.

    -Safehouses need to be bought to be unlocked (There has to be a way to script it to where the houses in friends for life can’t be used or unlocked without “buying” it from wherever a real estate agent could be, possibly even disable furniture and make vito have to buy it as well.) You’d start at your mothers house with only 100$, and have to work your way up. Each house being more exspensive depending on location.

    -More jobs) -Cigarette dealing, Bootlegging, gambling, arms dealing, heist jobs, drug dealing, and a bank/house deposit system. I’ll go into details about each, and how they could possibly be put in.

    Cigarette dealing- Vito could meed an NPC assigned as an underground cigarette dealer near a warehouse, whenever Vito goes to the warehouse he can pay 300$ for a truckload of cigarettes. Selling the entire truckload peacefully could net 500$(If you sell it to a bar/restraunt), or 800+ if you sell them out of the back in an alley. However depending on if police see you or a percentage point chance an officer walks by the alley if you’re dealing then they can destroy or seize your truck unless you bribe them.

    Bootlegging, Some of the warehouses or places on the outskirts of town could brew illegal alcohol that you could buy from them and then deliver to bars around the city for profit. Each bar could buy a crate or more, or buy the entire load if it’s a big business.

    Gambling) Some select area’s, or even a newly added underground/big area’s could host illegal gambling sessions. Since card animations would probably be difficult, there has to be a way to do percentage multiplies for things like betting on NPC boxing matches, races, dice, coin flipping, or russian roulette.

    Arms dealing) Warehouses could offer you a stolen shipment or “lost shipment” of weapon cargo, or they could tip you off about a location of a shipment of weapons cargo. You could take that cargoload and then either sell it to Harry or sell it to arms dealers across the map.


    Heist jobs) At various bars/mafia hangouts in the city an NPC will have a job request, they want a specific building or business to be robbed. From there various parts of single player can be recycled or newly imagined scenarios can be added.


    Drug dealing) Buy heroin from the Oriental Mafia or buy it from shady suppliers at the dock, sell it to one of the drug dealers placed around the map. You could also find heroin/marijuana in random locations or in the trunks of random cars, maybe some gangs hidden in some interiors guarding a stash. Or gangs/crews hiding a stash of money in a suitcase for a deal they were doing or were going to do(copy cashregister scripting replace item with a suitcase possibly to make that work lol?) Stash drugs in an inventory spot in your safehouse (under the beg, in wardrobe, add a safe maybe).


    Bank/House deposit system)

    The bank itself could have an interior made of something looking like a bank from the game itself and combining it randomly, and a script that takes money from your inventory and adds it to a virtual text vault that saves the money and maybe adds interest or deducts fees similar to GTA IV’s ATM mods.

    House deposit system could function similar but hold any weapons, money, or possibly drugs you wanted to save inside your safehouse when saving the game or hiding from the police.  Could attempt for trunk


    Additional stuff ) Assassin jobs via the phone booth, maybe you have to meet the contact first at a location randomly or at a set place and then he offers you jobs 500-50000 to kill a randomly selected NPC.

    Maybe a restored respect meter that goes down by killing civs/cops, and goes up by donating to the poor or giving money to certain NPC’s (Could be police chiefs, local politicians, newspapers, soup kitchens, ect) With loss of reputation you can’t access police bribes from the phone booth and bribes on the street are more taxing the lower your reputation is.

    Functioning Taxis/Public services(bus, trains, ect) to take you places.

    Hunger meter like San Andreas maybe

    Starting money 100$ and living with your mom. Also you have to pay 100$ each time to save the game in her house for bills. Maybe with each safehouse youd have to pay other fees for bills.

    You need an LTC to buy weapons from regular weapon shops, you don’t need an LTC to buy from Harry or Gieussepe.

    The ability to drop weapons whenever you want if you cannot store them.

    Loan sharking) Loan select NPC’s money, after a certain amount of days go to collect plus tip. If the script says they didn’t pay, or didn’t show track them down/chase them and find the money. Additionally if you loan money from Bruno and you don’t pay him he sends goons to your house to ask you for money. If you don’t pay they attempt to beat you up, if you beat them the next day men come to kill you. this continues until the debt is paid.

    The ability to buy and use cigarettes, and actual drunk effects from drinking alcohol


    If all of these mods could be combined into a package deal, then Mafia 2 would get some life back to it and there’d be a lot of hype. The ideas presented above combined would outdo all mafia 2 mods.




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