Oh, it's that Idiot Joe again… (spoiler alert, not really)

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    Hello there, my name is Michael. I’m from sunny California where it is usually warm, hot, and sometimes cool and cold. I have been a fan of the Mafia series for well over a decade and not long after the first one came out in 2002. Also, in case you’re wondering where I got my username from, I took the name from a character named ‘Idiot Joe’, from the first Mafia game. Idiot Joe was, and I quote, ‘Idiot Joe is a reluctant informant who gives Tommy Angelo a lot of snappy backtalk before telling him about Frank and the accounting books in Omerta. He can be found not far from Lucas Bertone’s shop, under the Giuliano Bridge with two other men. Shooting him or beating him up will get him to talk.’¬†¬†Anyway… just sayin’. I look forward to meeting fellow fans here soon enough. Thank you!


    – Mike

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