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    In the mods download section there is a mod called “Morello Wins” with the following description:

    “This is an alternative ending to where you are after
    Morello (the one where you chase him to the airport)
    However this was a script that was in the original;
    either alpha or beta in which you get to chase Morello
    to his Mansion — all is not what you expect.”

    Has anybody managed to play the mission like that?
    I have been trying many times (even from the very begining af the mission) but without succes.

    Thank you.




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    The link below is a video that shows a secret cutscene  in Mafia 1. I think this cutscene was meant to appear if the player fails an objective. The fate of Tommy Angelo, Paulie and Sam did not look good at the end of the video. The mod probably places this cut ending inside the game and may even provide the player with a mission that takes place in Morello’s mansion.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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