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    in all mods not working check keystrokes I have the latest version of the game from steam

    Only functions work without bindKey
    bindKey(“i”, “”); not work work
    how to fix it without it do not work all the mods

    Lucas Bertone

    In latest game version game crash as soon ScriptHook is loaded. Anyone thinks MAfia 3 Multiplayer should be done?

    Modded Games
    Modded Games

    The new update messed up scripthook. I tried using some scripts today & game keeps crashing if I load them. Scripthook needs to be updated.


    edit: Set for launcher.exe, M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe and mafia3.exe compability mode for Windows 7 and set checkbox to run it as administrator, & scripthook will work.

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    Hey guys I made a “Repair Car Engine” mod for Mafia 3

    To those having trouble with scripthook:

    • To make scripthook work: Right-click>properties>compatibility on “launcher.exe”, “M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe” , “mafia3.exe” and set compatibility mode for Windows 7 + run it as administrator (you can “change settings for all users” just in case)
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    Эй, ребята, я сделал “ремонт двигателя автомобиля” мод для мафии 3 Для тех, кто имеет проблемы с scripthook:

    • Чтобы сделать scripthook работы: правой кнопкой мыши>свойства>Совместимость “launcher.exe”, “M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe” , “mafia3.exe” и установите режим совместимости с Windows 7 + запустить его от имени администратора (вы можете “изменить параметры для всех пользователей” на всякий случай)

    for me only works well xD

    it can come in handy

    veh = (): GetOwner (); vachislit auto player

    veh: SetDirty (0); dirt level
    veh: SetRust (0);
    veh: SetActualFuel (100); Fuel level
    veh: SetSPZText ( “Vrock”, true); sign change rooms

    veh: SetColor (1, 40); cars color change
    veh: SetMotorDamage (0); engine damage level
    veh: SetCarDamage (1) the level of car body damage
    veh: SetDespawnImmunity (true); immunity

    veh: Explode (); blow wheelbarrow set the speed for the type of nitro cars splash
    veh: SetSearchlightOn (true, true); on off the headlamp in Musar
    veh: SetBeaconLightOn (true, true); on off flasher at Musar
    veh: SetEngineOn (true, true); ON OFF Engine
    veh: SetLightState (true, true); lights on off
    veh: SetHornOn (true); the horn
    game.hud: OpenCustomizeCarMenu (true) On the menu customization cars
    hud: RadarShow (false) on off radar
    hud: SpeedometerShow (false) on off Speedometer
    hud: InfoAreaShow (false) names on off areas
    hud: BackMirrorShow (false) on off the rear-view mirror
    hud: MoneyShow (false) on off money panel
    hud: ObjectiveShow (false) on off hints tags
    hud: ActionButtonsShow (false) display on off button
    hud: MessageAreaShow (false) on off tips (): InventoryAddMoney (5454) to add money, 2); slow down time, 1); normal flow of time regdoll for Player
    Human = () to assign a variable Player
    Human: SetMaxHealth (1000) give the Player count in life or cure on off models Player display
    dayTime = game.gfx: GetTime (); set the variable weather
    game.gfx: SetTime (dayTime + 1, 0.0); change the weather for one hour +
    game.gfx: SetTimeFlowSpeed ​​(1.0) transience of time of day infinite ammo on off = true god mode on off

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    I would really like to use this.. But my game closes without error when i launch it.. please help



    It seems like some of the files from Faster Baby DLC are already in game files.


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    Vladimir Shittin

    Is there a possibility to get this update to work in Mafia 3? Roll Down Windows (Lua Script)

    Thanks a lot!

    I’ve tried experimenting a bit with the functions from the LUA dump, but couldn’t get it to work, unless I’m doing something wrong.
    If this helps, the windows are rolled in car customization when going changing the Interior color.

    Edit: Out of my own intuition, I got this to work flawlessly with Mafia 3. Just remember to update your scripthook (See:!PslyVbbS!oumw1WDlaHrOvzY_R0AF1Q)

    Thanks again! 🙂


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