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    guys, i figured how to extract the textures i need and then change them, but how can i replace existing textures (the .dds files inside the .sds files) each time i try the “load from file” option it gives me an error “failed to load texture HRESULT 8007000D” please help. here’s what I’m working on… gonna paste it if i can finish it.

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    alexnoncreeper, send me dds and sds file – i’ll try to do it.


    163908 wrote:

    Эй, ребята, я сделал “ремонт двигателя автомобиля” мод для мафии 3 Для тех, кто имеет проблемы с scripthook:

    • Чтобы сделать scripthook работы: правой кнопкой мыши>свойства>Совместимость “launcher.exe”, “M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe” , “mafia3.exe” и установите режим совместимости с Windows 7 + запустить его от имени администратора (вы можете “изменить параметры для всех пользователей” на всякий случай)

    for me only works well xD

    it can come in handy veh = (): GetOwner (); vachislit auto player veh: SetDirty (0); dirt level veh: SetRust (0); veh: SetActualFuel (100); Fuel level veh: SetSPZText ( “Vrock”, true); sign change rooms veh: SetColor (1, 40); cars color change veh: SetMotorDamage (0); engine damage level veh: SetCarDamage (1) the level of car body damage veh: SetDespawnImmunity (true); immunity veh: Explode (); blow wheelbarrow set the speed for the type of nitro cars splash veh: SetSearchlightOn (true, true); on off the headlamp in Musar veh: SetBeaconLightOn (true, true); on off flasher at Musar veh: SetEngineOn (true, true); ON OFF Engine veh: SetLightState (true, true); lights on off veh: SetHornOn (true); the horn game.hud: OpenCustomizeCarMenu (true) On the menu customization cars hud: RadarShow (false) on off radar hud: SpeedometerShow (false) on off Speedometer hud: InfoAreaShow (false) names on off areas hud: BackMirrorShow (false) on off the rear-view mirror hud: MoneyShow (false) on off money panel hud: ObjectiveShow (false) on off hints tags hud: ActionButtonsShow (false) display on off button hud: MessageAreaShow (false) on off tips (): InventoryAddMoney (5454) to add money, 2); slow down time, 1); normal flow of time regdoll for Player Human = () to assign a variable Player Human: SetMaxHealth (1000) give the Player count in life or cure on off models Player display dayTime = game.gfx: GetTime (); set the variable weather game.gfx: SetTime (dayTime + 1, 0.0); change the weather for one hour + game.gfx: SetTimeFlowSpeed ​​(1.0) transience of time of day infinite ammo on off = true god mode on off

    Hi, vrock_wave!
    What do the numbers mean in SetColor(1, 40)? What is this color coordinate system – RGB, HSV, other?
    P.S. говоришь по русски? ))



    Is there any mods that make it so the police drop weapons upon death (it could go well with a lethal takedowns mod)



    Sorry if this has been asked before, but has anyone been succesful in getting the console to work?

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