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    guys, i figured how to extract the textures i need and then change them, but how can i replace existing textures (the .dds files inside the .sds files) each time i try the “load from file” option it gives me an error “failed to load texture HRESULT 8007000D” please help. here’s what I’m working on… gonna paste it if i can finish it.


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    alexnoncreeper, send me dds and sds file – i’ll try to do it.


    Эй, ребята, я сделал “ремонт двигателя автомобиля” мод для мафии 3 Для тех, кто имеет проблемы с scripthook:

    • Чтобы сделать scripthook работы: правой кнопкой мыши>свойства>Совместимость “launcher.exe”, “M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe” , “mafia3.exe” и установите режим совместимости с Windows 7 + запустить его от имени администратора (вы можете “изменить параметры для всех пользователей” на всякий случай)

    for me only works well xD

    it can come in handy veh = (): GetOwner (); vachislit auto player veh: SetDirty (0); dirt level veh: SetRust (0); veh: SetActualFuel (100); Fuel level veh: SetSPZText ( “Vrock”, true); sign change rooms veh: SetColor (1, 40); cars color change veh: SetMotorDamage (0); engine damage level veh: SetCarDamage (1) the level of car body damage veh: SetDespawnImmunity (true); immunity veh: Explode (); blow wheelbarrow set the speed for the type of nitro cars splash veh: SetSearchlightOn (true, true); on off the headlamp in Musar veh: SetBeaconLightOn (true, true); on off flasher at Musar veh: SetEngineOn (true, true); ON OFF Engine veh: SetLightState (true, true); lights on off veh: SetHornOn (true); the horn game.hud: OpenCustomizeCarMenu (true) On the menu customization cars hud: RadarShow (false) on off radar hud: SpeedometerShow (false) on off Speedometer hud: InfoAreaShow (false) names on off areas hud: BackMirrorShow (false) on off the rear-view mirror hud: MoneyShow (false) on off money panel hud: ObjectiveShow (false) on off hints tags hud: ActionButtonsShow (false) display on off button hud: MessageAreaShow (false) on off tips (): InventoryAddMoney (5454) to add money, 2); slow down time, 1); normal flow of time regdoll for Player Human = () to assign a variable Player Human: SetMaxHealth (1000) give the Player count in life or cure on off models Player display dayTime = game.gfx: GetTime (); set the variable weather game.gfx: SetTime (dayTime + 1, 0.0); change the weather for one hour + game.gfx: SetTimeFlowSpeed ​​(1.0) transience of time of day infinite ammo on off = true god mode on off

    Hi, vrock_wave!

    What do the numbers mean in SetColor(1, 40)? What is this color coordinate system – RGB, HSV, other?

    P.S. говоришь по русски? ))


    Is there any mods that make it so the police drop weapons upon death (it could go well with a lethal takedowns mod)


    Sorry if this has been asked before, but has anyone been succesful in getting the console to work?


    Guys i made a black Trenchcoat mod i will publish it soon but i can’t find the texture file for the fedora, if anyone knows let me know.

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    Is there no one here anymore? Mafia3 has been updated to Definitive Edition and All ScriptHook mod not work again…


    Is there no one here anymore? Mafia3 has been updated to Definitive Edition and All ScriptHook mod not work again…

    Yo, same request here. Unfortunately all mods are dead since the Definitive Edition showed up.

    Can anyone make a Toggle HUD mod for Mafia 3 Definitive Edition please ?

    Thanks !


    I asked around on a few forums and discord but no one seemed to be interested in M3ScriptHook update.

    Mafia3 script modding is completely dead sadly


    I also have request for SCRIPTHOOK upadete for M3DE. I play on old crack version but its not so stable like that new one.


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