Mafia 1: City of Lost Heaven (Need Help running on Windows 7 64bit System)

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    Greetings all.  I need some help getting Mafia 1 to work on my pc.  I pulled out my original disks and the install actually worked like a champ, 15 years later on a new pc.  If it helps, keep in mind that I have both Hidden and Dangerous 2 and Vietcong both installed on this pc and they work just fine.  When I tried running Mafia 1 after install I get an error message that says something like “Pleases register Mafia for administration priviledges”.  That’s not exactly it as I don’t remember but its close.  I am the admin of this PC however.  I went ahead and configured the exe to be run as administrator.  Doing that actually caused that message to stop however, when I double click to run the game or to run it from the Mafia autorun menu that comes up that lets you launch the game or uninstall, it does nothing.  Nothing happens and there is no indication that there is any response as it just stays in windows.

    I’ve looked all over for a solution but haven’t found any that worked.  It seems that there are a lot of folks who don’t have problems but then others that do.  PC Wiki makes a comment that Mafia for some reason installs a certain config file in an off location when installing on a 64bit operating system.  I tried their fix but it didn’t work plus it scares me as it seems to do something with the registry which I don’t want to mess with.  One thing I have not tried is installing it to location programs(x86).  Maybe installing it in that 32bit environment will help?  Like I said, I have those other two Illusion Softworks/2k Czech games running just fine in my own custom game folder outside of the (x86) file location.Thank you for any help that you might have.  I’d really like to play Mafia 1 again.


    Try csDOTrin ,a respected user posted a fixed exe that should work ,just google : .mafia 1 cs.rin

    Always exclude your games folder from your antivirus scanning.

    Last resort ideas:

    If you want to do it through steam then Try Running Steam as an administrator and the game itself NOT as an administrator

    Change your graphics drivers ,try downgrade or upgrade..

    Check you don’t have U.A.C up too high. ,sometimes it can still cause probs.

    Also maybe check your dep settings as that has been known to interfere with with some exe files if it’s on the “wrong” setting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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