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    • The Lua Injector is required to use mods like First Person Driving, Hide Hud, and Sit Down and Relax.
    • It can be downloaded here. Make sure you click the gray “Download through your browser” button and not the red one, or an ad.
    • Instructions on how to install the injector can be found in the download.


    Before you read the below information about how the injector is falsely recognized as a virus by some antivirus programs, we invite you to learn more about the type of “trojan” this injector is. Microsoft, along with many other popular antivirus programs brand this injector as a “Trojan:Win32/AgentBypass.gen!G”, which is, according to Microsoft, “a generic detection for Trojans that attempt to inject possibly malicious code into the explorer.exe process”. That’s exactly what this injector does (minus the “malicious code” part) and you can probably imagine why many antivirus programs don’t want a program like that on your computer. The injector that we share with our users is, however, completely safe, and we stand by that statement. The code that it injects is code that is hosted on this very website. They’re Lua scripts that you can open with Notepad and see exactly what they do. Most of them are only a few lines of code that change or alter a game system in a small way. Injecting code into a game is one of the many ways you can make it do crazy stuff, and some of the greatest mods of all time use this tactic to change the way the game works.


    • Many Mafia II injectors by different modders are falsely branded “Trojan.Generic.6310214” by antivirus programs.
    • If such claims are made by your antivirus program, you will need to temporarily disable it, install the injector and create an exception for it, then re-enable your antivirus program.
    • It is important that, if you’re using an antivirus program, you create an exception for the injector, or it will be quarantined.
    • Unfortunately, it’s impossible for the injector to not be considered malware by automatic bots because it is a game hacking tool.
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    Farrel Yutha Ardhan


    Mafiainjector.exe is a Trojan Horse. Do I need it?

    (EDIT: Should’ve read the Text :D)

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