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    Justin Buzzini

    after recently playing mafia 3 for what seemed to be the 20th time, i came up with an idea for a few mods that could work either by themselves, or standalone mods. just a note though; i don’t quite know how mods work, so odds are, this idea will just be that. with that in mind, i’d like to share this idea.

    The Sky Falls; what this mod could do is make it rain, like 3/4 of the time, with heavy overcast and just really pouring. almost like a hurricane, but without the heavy winds. i just like the rain graphics, and it could just be an underlying feel of the game and how your actions reflect on the weather the further down the path you go. in the beginning, after the deaths of Sammy and Ellis, its just regular rain until you unlock the under-bosses after the first sit down. with the capture of every district, the rain becomes more frequent and it comes down harder to reduce some visibility. but after you kill Sal, the rain just stops, and its sunny. the storm of New Bordeaux passes. i know that in certain side story modes, the weather changes to its proper scenery, that cant be helped. i was just focused on the everyday things.

    The Minds Ascends; this one may be a bit more tricky, and adds a new form of difficulty in which, your character is feeling the affects of the drug called sky which you first encounter in the DLC ‘Sign of the Times’. but those effects happen all the time. not only does everything feel dizzy, but things warp and bends, and even certain NPC’s looks different, like if John Donovan had the head of an alligator, or the skins of Sammy and Ellis were switched with Sal and Tommy. Make Vito Scalleta look like a younger version. Make Thomas Burk look smaller. Make Cassandra look like a naked old man wearing a Marti-Grass mask party goer, just go nuts with the idea! Maybe even make Connor Aldridge from ‘Stones Unturned’ look exactly like Lincoln Clay. just a total mind trip.

    The Flesh Consumes; this is it, the Coup-De-Grass, the ultimate in hard-modes. this mod would make EVERY COP in New Bordeaux be gunning for Lincoln Clay. if they see you, even if you were just standing around, they would straight up shoot you where you stood, as though Sal Marcano placed a bounty on your head. the Klan, Sal’s henchmen, Cops, any enemy NPC will be constantly searching for you no matter what. and the only way you could get them off your back is if you use the ability to get them off your back. but that would only solve 1/3rd of your problems for a brief moment.

    that about covers all the ideas i have for the game and mods. using all three together, you end up with constant rain, while on an insane drug trip, and everyone is gunning for you. with all three, you will need to employ everything you have learned from being raised in the streets, being trained by the CIA, and surviving the harsh jungles and swamps of Vietnam. the weather reflects your choices, you’re tripping on something you don’t remember taking, and the whole world wants you dead.

    also, maybe making certain weapons and the throwing knives and sniper support available early on in the game. those throwing knives would have been useful when taking down the leader of the Haitian mafia.

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