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    I contacted author of Friends for Life mod, and I think he did really amazing work. I was creating before free ride Mafia 2 mods for myself before, so I know through what obstacles he needed to go. However, I understand the code, I know how to make working changes, I wanted to make some changes to files in archiveĀ friends_for_life.sds just for myself. Files of this mod can not be unpacked with SDS tools (I’ve tried even Illusion SDS tools, compiling it, making changes, compiling again… just horror). Author told me that those files are locked and nothing else. I asked him if he could provide me some info about how I can unlock those files (because decompressing/decrypting those files just don’t work) and he didn’t replied. I just wanted to ask if somebody can’t give me some hints like how to unlock those files? They need to be encrypted/locked somehow but they are still readable by Mafia 2 game. All I want is just to change some variables and scripts for animations and basically that’s it but I cannot comprehend how he managed to “lock” those files. I spent days figuring it out, digging in code, trying different approaches and still I failed.

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