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    Hello Folks, Would someone be willing to make a female NPC walking style mod or script for Mafia 2 to use with the trainer that the user “Modded Games” made? I would like to play as a female character in the game but using the female walking style instead of the walking style that vito uses in the game. If someone can make a mod or script like that for the female characters that would be great when using the Change Ped option in the trainer. 🙂


    Hi, it’s simple.

    Basic “AnimStyle” is :  game.game:GetActivePlayer():SetAnimStyle(“common”,”default”)

    replace “default” by


    I take the opportunity to say, that I went back to modding on Mafia 2.

    Test Tram

    Test Carcyclopedia

    My YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/eXistenZ34Fr?feature=mhee


    Thanks eXistenZ34, Much appreciated man 😀



    How did you get the elevated railway to function? Is this a custom script or did you manage to dig up the code that the developers removed from the game?

    My theory is that the developers removed the subway/tram/elevated rail early in the design phase of the story because they chose to make the game more linear, and the public transportation lost its use. The reason why the video above includes a working train is because they put it in to decorate the game world for the E3 demo. This is very common. I assumed that there was no remaining code for the functional railway since it was removed in an older version along with taxis and buses, but you and Sergey on YouTube have proven me wrong.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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