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    Today I joint this site, for the mods I discovered for Mafia 2.
    I tried to install the “friends for life” mod.
    No problem so far.
    Starting the game, I got a message that there was DLC that was not purchased.
    In the description was a mention, that I needed to install the DLC folder patch in that case.
    I use Mafia 2, steam version on OSX.
    The patch is for steam version for Windows.
    I don’t have an *.exe or *api.dll to replace.
    I’m probably one of the few with this, but is there a solution for something like this?
    On the left, is my folder, on the right, the DLC folder patch folder

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    Modded Games
    Modded Games

    I uploaded “Friends for Life” on this site as Modded Games. The DLC folder patch is needed if you have the steam version of the game. Since you have a Mac I’m not sure the dlc folder patch .exe is compatible for you. My suggestion is to torrent Mafia II (Mac version) since you already have a legit copy of the game. If you torrent it, you can easily play “Friends for Life” without installing the “Dlc Folder Patch”.

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    Hahaha, I was afraid that that would be the solution.
    Thank you for the reply. 😉

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