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Hi there, is there a way to change The Experience outfit shirt to shirtless model but with dog tags? I tried with the tool but the game will not load..

Also would be nice to change Lincoln’s hair back to his basic hair instead of those hipster hair ?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve been messing around with the sds files and it seems the only legit way to change your player model is through spawnprofiles.sds but the files instead are still encrypted and unknown to the current sds tools. Player and NPC models are defined in there and they tell the game what “combinables” in “sds_retail\combinables\auto” and “sds_retail\combinables\auto_unique” to combine and use.

The prefix names:

he_ = hero aka player charcter
ma_ = male
fe_ = female

You can swap textures easily but not models I’m pretty sure yet. The head models contain the skeleton.

I was making a Vito mod with sdaddy345 aka Modded Games and this is how far we’ve gotten:

We swapped he_basebody with ma_basebody and it made Lincoln white. Still more research needs to be done.

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