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M3ScriptHook 1.2 does not work for me anymore I decided after a long break to try to run it with the latest version of the game with all DLC (WIN7) I tried to change the compatibility as they write here in the answers but still get the game broke after running M3ScriptHookLauncher . Is there a more recent version of M3ScriptHook than 1.2? by the way the new tool Mafia III ResourceExplorer_1.1 is very good for editing textures. I replaced a couple for the sake of curiosity

I downloaded and using latest version ScriptHook from here (Win7-64bit)!VscigCQQ!yl3PBpGpZ075v6K5x6PICA

Thank you. I still got the work of my M3ScriptHook 1.2 running it on (win10 with compatibility under win8)