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Hey Wagnumpi, In order to use the rear view mirror OFF mod you’ll need to download “Script Hook” first. After the folder “scripts” is placed at D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mafia III download this then place the lua file in the folder “scripts”. After that run Mafia 3 and back out the game pressing alt+tab. Go and click/run “M3ScriptHookLauncher” then go back the game. Press F1 in the game to toggle the mod. (Read the mod info for the toggle key might be F1). If scripthook keeps crashing the game then look at the directions below:

  • Scripthook will keep crashing since it might NOT compatible with the newest Mafia III update, but don’t worry their is a fix
  • To make scripthook work: Right-click>properties>compatibility on “launcher.exe”, “M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe” , “mafia3.exe” and set compatibility mode for Windows 7 + run it as administrator (you can “change settings for all users” just in case)
  • Mafia III not launching? Go launch the steam app then go to your Mafia III directory & click on “mafia3” to run the game

Thanks ever so much for a speedy reply, much appreciated. Guess I had downloaded the wrong script hook folder. Still having issues getting it to run however. I emptied the contents of the “release” folder into mafia 3’s root folder so that the script folder along with everything else is sitting in the root folder. I then followed your instructions to get it to work but it still closes the game down every time i run the script launcher. Ran it as administrator for all users, both in Win 7 and Win 8 modes but no joy (Dont know if running on a Win 10 system is an issue for it?).

As to your last bullet point are you suggesting just launching the game through steam rather than the executable in the folder and then trying the script launcher again in the same way? Unfortunately didn’t get anywhere that way either but if i’m either missing your last point or you have any other suggestions they would be highly welcomed 🙂