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@dirtydanisreal If you want to start mafia3 + ScriptHook together (similar to gta5) you can use my new tool: @fireking117 I had no trouble using the mod so far. Will test it in the next days with new game version. @deewarz Great update on the scripting wiki! How did you find out functions of the new classes (game.police …) ?

Damn thanks you for your tool!

Here’s how I found these new features: ==> Zip in attachment

    1. Create a new folder called libs in your scripts directory
    2. Create a file called inspect.lua
    3. Copy/paste this script :
    4. In your scripts directoy, create a new lua file and add this :

    local inspect = require 'scripts.lib.inspect'

    function printObject(object)
    if tostring(type(object)) == "userdata" then
    object = inspect(getmetatable(object))
    object = inspect(object)

    printToLog("object.log", "---------------------------")
    printToLog("object.log","-- %d/%m/%Y - %X --"))
    printToLog("object.log", "---------------------------")
    printToLog("object.log", object)
    printToLog("object.log", "---------------------------")

    printObject(game) -- will log all Game libraries


    Now, use printObject() for any object (game, ai,, etc.)

    I search in the compiled scripts for some keywords to test.

    enums seems very interesting!


    1. printObject.rar
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