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I have spent a good deal of time teleporting around the map via the Mafia II SetPos script, and noticed that the game appears to feature some unused locations. There is a concentration of these locations north of the Causeway bridge, in the area above the lake. The Casino up there is the only place that is used during the game, the rest of the Northshore is inaccessible.

The biggest thing is a huge international airport at the very top of the map. It is impossible to get to it because the ground surrounding it is not solid, however various buildings at the airport do have collision data, along with the jumbo jets parked there. The weirdness doesn’t end there, though…there’s a second airport in Delray, closer to the location of the real life New Orleans Int’l, and it can be visited, but it’s gated off and you can’t walk around the tarmac and runways. It’s submerged under a thin layer of water, probably to justify its abandonment. Unlike the other one, you can actually swim around if you teleport yourself into the airport via the SetPos script, but the wrecked planes at the airport aren’t solid. I have a reddit thread with more pictures here.

I originally assumed the Northshore (Lewis Springs) area was supposed to be DLC, but it’s actually used one time for the final mission of the game. Will not go into detail to avoid spoilers, but only one building up there (the Casino) is visited. I myself have not finished the game yet due to extreme business, but I’ve got confirmation from people on reddit of what happens. You just cross the Causeway, which is finished being built at that point of the story, and head to the Casino, then it’s back to the city. Aside from the airport I’ve found a few other industrial areas and a huge construction site up there, which, as a big surprise to me, contains multiple drivable forklifts…which are the exact same forklift that was scrapped from Mafia II, and found in the game files with missing textures. I’ve even had it up as a mod on my site for years. Now you can drive it with textures and all, and as soon as we get our hands on an SDS tool akin to Rick’s Mafia II set, I’ll grab those textures and update the Mafia II mod.

Sorry for this wall of text, but the story doesn’t end there…it seems that the Mafia developers never learn their lesson. As many of us know, Empire Bay originally had an elevated rail/subway hybrid that the player could ride that was cut from the game. They’ve done it again in the form of New Orleans streetcars…they were in the earliest gameplay demo, but are not in the final release…it seems that Mafia 1 will remain the only Mafia with a train you can ride on. Someone on reddit says that other vehicles were scrapped. Regardless, please let me know if you guys find any of that stuff in the game files, and more importantly, if it can be restored into the game in the form of  a mod. Thanks.

Here’s the script I used: = true;, 0, 0))

First line of the script is God Mode so you don’t die when you hit the ground, second is the SetPos script with x, y, and z values that you need to change in order to position yourself in the correct spot.

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