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Alright, first version of the scripthook is out now. (I’ll upload it here once I’ve finished some cleanups (adding icons to executable, writing tutorial, list of commands etc.))


The Scripthook supports loading of library (.dll) and script (.lua) files. So you can either write your plugins with C++ (calling game functions directly) or simply use lua, or either use both.

The library part of the Scripthook features all needed memory functionality (searching for patterns (writing them into a cache file so search is next time faster etc.)) including LUA (you get the lua_State ptr once the plugin start routine is called)

Example can be seen here:


The files need to be placed in the following directories:

MAFIA III FOLDER/scripts/*.lua

MAFIA III FOLDER/plugins/*.dll


In order to allow quick development, you can reload the LUA scripts via F1 key press. Reload for .dll will be added soon


Oh and by the way, I’ve uploaded the Mafia 3 font files (extracted from the Launcher) for you guys, you can download it at!l8NDVCKA (nearly 60MB because of chinese and japanese fonts)

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