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Come Join the Mafia III Modding Discussion!

On our forums, the Mafia III modding scene is beginning to take shape, and excitement is building as the scope and potential for mods continues to grow. The latest milestone involves the ever-popular usage of scripts to make games behave differently with the push of a button – talented modder Barzakh has released the latest version of his Mafia […]

Hangar 13 Releases FPS Patch

As promised, the patch slated to remove the controversial 30 FPS lock has been released via Steam. It is still not known why the game was released with a lock on the framerate when the team was able to ready a build supporting higher framerates and release a patch days after launch. Regardless, it’s a good thing […]

Mafia III Has Been Released, Time to Get Modding

Hot on the heels of the disheartening announcement that Mafia III will be capped at 30fps comes the actual release of the game. Five years after our beloved Mafia II hit store shelves the third entry of the series, set in developer Hangar 13’s version of 1960’s New Orleans, is now available worldwide to everyone who pre-ordered. While the change […]

Can We Make Mafia III 60fps Compatible?

A new statement on the official Mafia 3 website acknowledges that at launch, Mafia 3 will run at a maximum 30 frames per second on all platforms. As PC gamers, we know this is not an acceptable technical decision for the developers to make, especially in 2016, when the standard of console ports has finally […]

Mod Pages Fixed

Quick update for fans of our database – I have fixed all Mafia II mod pages. The “installation tab” is now back and all links work. When Mafia III comes out early October we hope to see an influx of users interested in downloading and uploading mods. Until then, I will continue to improve various aspects […]